Jumpstyle League 2014

New league for 2014.




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    Post by Admin on 2014-02-05, 18:23

    Yeah, there are the results.
    1/8 tossup at night Wink

    Walt vs Blazerr
    Originality:  Walt
    Fluidity: Walt
    Technique: Walt
    Onbeat: Walt
    Balance: Walt
    Winner: Walt (5-0)

    ENJOY vs Lacy
    Yeah, No video from both of jumpers.

    Ozi vs Jaff
    Originality:  Ozi
    Fluidity: Jaff
    Technique: Ozi
    Onbeat: Ozi
    Balance: Jaff
    Winner: Ozi (3-2)

    Fly Jumper vs Torny: Winner: Fly Jumper (No video from Torny)

    sPeek'as vs TFJ
    Originality: draw
    Fluidity: sPeek'as
    Technique: sPeek'as
    Onbeat: draw
    Balance: TFJ
    Winner: sPeek'as (2-1)

    Braynt vs AFD
    Originality:  Braynt
    Fluidity: AFD
    Technique: Braynt
    Onbeat: draw
    Balance: draw
    Winner: Braynt (2-1)

    Robert vs Oleggio
    Originality:  Oleggio
    Fluidity: Robert
    Technique: draw
    Onbeat: draw
    Balance: Robert
    Winner: Robert (2-1)

    Balcia vs CroZz
    Originality:  Balcia
    Fluidity: CroZz
    Technique: CroZz
    Onbeat: Balcia
    Balance: CroZz
    Winner: CroZz (3-2)

    Jumper Bill vs Julka
    Originality:  Julka
    Fluidity: Jumper Bill
    Technique: Julka
    Onbeat: Julka
    Balance: draw
    Winner: Julka (3-1)

    Delom Jumper vs BeatzZ
    Originality:  BeatzZ
    Fluidity: BeatzZ
    Technique: BeatzZ
    Onbeat: BeatzZ
    Balance: Delom Jumper
    Winner: BeatzZ (4-1)

    Vedr vs MoLiK
    Originality: vedr 
    Fluidity: MoLiK
    Technique: draw
    Onbeat: MoLiK
    Balance: vedr
    Winner: Both of jumper pass.

    Radvis vs Guba
    Winner: Radvis ( no video from Guba)

    2Special vs Loczek
    Winner: Loczek ( no video from 2Special)

    Luk!s vs Fakelas
    Originality: draw  
    Fluidity: fakelas
    Technique: fakelas
    Onbeat: Luk!s
    Balance: fakelas
    Winner: fakelas (3-1)

    We need 3 more jumper for 1/8 final so pass too:
    Balcia, TFJ .

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